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August 7, 2013
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Minecraft Elementary Times : Principal’s brother’s Revenge

“So,did you guys get the supplies ?” Cupquake ask her classmates. “Yes , we were .” Sky answers “I wonder how big our poster is .” . Suddenly , Ant rushes to class and he covered in blood . “Oh my Notch , what happened , Ant ?” Jordan asked Ant in a worry voice . “It-it-its Mr.Notch’s Brother . He almost hurt everyone in this school , including me.” Ant answers as he goes to his seat “Is Ms.Chick around ?” . “I don’t know , she’s maybe got hurt also .” Jerome answers as he grab some Healing Kit for Ant . “It’s the second day , and Mr.Notch’s brother already attacking this school , what are we gonna do ?” Chim question . Then , MinecraftChick comes in also covered in blood and then gasped “Thank goodness you’re all safe !” as she hugged all of her students . Deadlox ask a question to MinecraftChick “Ms.Chick , who is Notch’s brother ?” . She answers “It’s Herobrine .” . And then , everyone gasped . “Sky , I have to say this.” Ant tell Sky “I saw your mother on my way here , she’s like lying on the floor . Don’t move , or doing anything ! I’m sorry , but I got to say that…your mother got killed by someone.” . Everyone except Sky gasped . “What ? Mother ? D-d-d-died ? No !” As Sky shed a tear . Jason said “I’m sorry , Sky .” . And then Sky’s friends give Sky a hug . “Sh-she was…the best mother I could ever had in my whole life….And now..I have no one…father leave me…and now mother….why ? WHY ?!” as Sky burst into tears . “Don’t worry , Sky . You still have us . You still have friends .” Husky said . Then , Sky wipe out his tears “Thanks , guys . You’re the best . But , how she got killed ? Who’s kill her ?” . Ant silent for a moment and then speaks “She was killed by Herobrine maybe .” .  Suddenly , Herobrine broke the door “Hello there , kids . How was your work today ?” . Then , Sky pulls out a Budder Sword made out of foam “You’re the one who kill my mom huh ? Huh ? HUH ?!” . Herobrine laughs “A sword made out of foam ? Haha , you must be joking . I’m the one who kill your mother , you are totally pathetic . Don’t have a real sword to attack me . Now , for the punishment .” as he make a giant aura and strike it at Sky . Sky got tossed far away . “Come on , we have to run !” said MinecraftChick as she runs away followed by her students .

“Is he going to be alright ?” Ant ask . As Sky open his eyes and ask “Ouch , where are we ?” . “We’re at your house , Sky . You lost a lot of blood-“ Cupquake speaks then cutted by Deadlox “Wow , you have video games and Super Steve 3D Land ? SWEET ! I’M SO JELLY !” . Then , everyone sighed . “What time is it ?” Ask Sky . “It’s 3 PM” Jordan answers . Then , Sky jumps out of his bed and freaking out “OH NOTCH ! I’M GOING TO BE LATE WRITING A LETTER TO DAD ! IF I’M LATE , I’M SO GOING TO BE DEAD !” . Then , Jerome facepalm “Dude  have you forgot to write a letter to your dad once ? If not , then maybe your dad will forgive you .” . “You’re right…hey where’s Ms.Chick ?” ask Sky . “She’s at her home , too bad we can’t go to school until Thursday due that Herobrine trashing the school like crazy . But , we can go to Jordan’s house earlier . Like , tomorrow .” Mitch answers . Jordan then said “You may can see my pet slime cage , and then my other pets , or anything else .” . “Or we can also play Adventure ! Using this !”  Chim cutted as he pulls out a remote . “What’s that ?” Cupquake questioned . “It’s an Aether 2 Mod Remote !” Chim answers . “That’s a great idea ! But , how we gonna turn that on ?” Sky question . “All ‘cha gotta do is press the middle button . It will access all the mod has !” Chim answers . “So , who I’m gonna live with if my mom dead and my dad can’t come here anymore ?” Sky asks . “You can live at my house .” Ant answers . “Thanks , best friend !” Sky thanked Ant .Cupquake check the clock and said “ I have to go now for my cooking lessons , I’ll see you at Jordan’s house !”as she goes downstairs and waved goodbye . Then , the rest waved back . After all except Ant and Sky waved goodbye , Ant bring Sky to his house for Sky to live .
PBR : Principal's brother's Revenge

For those of you who don'tget it about Super Steve 3D Land is like Super Mario 3D Land except with Steve as Main Character
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herobrineswife Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
nooooooooooooooooooooo deadlox must kill hero >:(
KatyMinecraft Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Dude , but you're Herobrine's wife . Don't mind if I make him got killed in couple of parts ?
herobrineswife Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
dude I loved him but no not now true ilike him and havesome fare nose bleeds but DEADLOX HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
LollipopFox Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why Herobrine Why?!?!
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