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Minecraft Elementary Times : The First Day

“Alright , first day of school , is going to be AWESOME !” Sky shout with a big grin . “Mom , can I have butter for lunch ?”“Sure , my boy !” Sky’s mother answer .Sky runs as fast as he can downstair . “Sky , don’t run in stairs ! You may get hurt .” said Sky’s mom in a normal voice .“Okay , Mom !” Sky answers as he grabs his lunch and put it in his bag . “Bye , Mom ! Can’t late for bus !”“See you soon , my boy!” Sky’s mom as she wave goodbye .

Sky’s study at Minecraftia Elementary School , where Notch and Jeb teach . The school is already over 100 years old , but the building still strong and clean . The school have 4 floors . 1st , 2nd , and 3rd floors are for classrooms , while the 4th floor is the Teacher’s offices and Principal’s office . At the back of the school , they have a big green field for Exercise Class , a house for Science class , benches and counters for lunch break , and another house for music class  .Childrens are very playful and energetic at this school , because their creator and developer teach there . There’s other teachers , like Dinnerbone , Junkboy , MinecraftChick , Carl Manneh , C418 , and much more . The school teaches all about Minecraft .

Sky saw the building and then gasps “Whoaa , that’s a big school . I should thank Mom after school” as he walked to the Principal Office and opens the door . “Good morning and welcome to Minecraftia Elementary School , my name is Markus ‘Notch’ Persson . You can call me Mr.Notch . What’s your name ?” said Notch as he flip some documents . “My name is SkyDoesMinecraft .” Sky’s answer . Notch flip some pages to find his name and then stops “Ah , there it is . You are at Class C . Hope you can make some friends here .” Sky’s walks away as he says “Thank you .” and then close the door quietly .

Sky goes to a room with the label “Class C” . He sees a lot of people who are in the same age as him . There’s a boy with headphones , there’s one wearing a space suit , there’s a bacca who is playing axe battle with a boy with red and black checker jacket . There’s also a boy with red and black sunglasses bring a slimeball . There’s a girl who’s talking with a boy that wears glasses , one big tooth and jacket with Cyan and darker Cyan stripes . There’s a mudkip who are playing with his mudkip pets .There’s someone who holds a butter apple . Sky smiled as he sees that boy . “Hey , Ant !” Sky shout at him . That boy heard him and then smiled at Sky “SKY !” And then they both run into each other and hugs . “I’m so happy we’re in the same school again !” Sky said . “Me too !” Ant smiled . They  both became best friends since Kindengarten , so they know their faces . “So , how was life ?” Ant asked Sky . “My parents divorced .” Sky said with a small frown . Bell rings and the class go to the front of the class and make 2 lines waiting for the teacher arrived . After the class get to their seats , the teacher starts to speak “Good morning class . And welcome to Minecraftia Elementary School . My name is Lydia Winters aka MinecraftChick , you can call me Ms.Chick . Since it’s your first day , you may see some faces you may don’t know who , or you may see one of your faces at previous school you attend . Is someone already met their faces at the past schools ?” Sky and Ant raises their hands and then MinecraftChick said “Looks like there’s 2 who already met each other . Now , all of you one by one introduce yourself to all of your classmates . Who should start ?” And then the girl raises her hand . “Me , Ms.Chick .” MinecraftChick smiled “Go ahead .” The girl stand up and said “Ahem , My name is Tiffany . But you can call me Cupquake . I’m pretty much bring cake for lunch . I will try to share with all of you , trust me the cake I made was delicious .” And then she sits down at her chair . MinecraftChick applaud followed by the rest of the class “Great introducing , Cupquake . Who’s next ?” Then everyone silent . The bacca raise his hand . “Go ahead” MinecraftChick answers .The bacca stand up “My name is Jerome , but you can call me Jerome or Fluffy or Bacca kid or anything else . I LOVE AXES . I bring some at my bag for all of you . One each !” as he pulls out a iron axe made out of foam . Then everyone except Jerome claps . “Great introducing , Jerome . Who’s next ?” MinecraftChick asks . After everyone introduce themselves , the teacher said “Since all of you don’t want to start with hard stuffs , how about we do arts and crafts ?” The class very happy , but then the boy with stripes jacket asked “But , we don’t have the supply to bring , teacher . So , what should we use ?” MinecraftChick answers “I bring some pencils , crayons , markers , coloring pencils , glue , safety scissors , glitter , and some decorations , Chim . We are going to make a poster for our class . And all of you work together . Make it pretty as you can , Okay ? The principal will rate it .” The class answers “Got it , Ms.Chick !” .

The class thinking of ideas what will the poster look like . Sky suggest that it has butter glitter on the edges , then Deadlox thinking about there’s green color as like a picture frame . Jason suggest there’s stars in the background . Jerome and Mitch suggest about weapons in the background . Ant suggest there’s the school logo at at the edge . Husky suggest about bubbles around the stars . Chim suggest there’s the students names at the Class Logo . Jordan suggest there’s a creeper under the school logo . And lastly Cupquake suggest that the ideas  that the suggestions mix it together to make it awesome and very colorful . Then , MinecraftChick comes to them “Well , are you ready to make it ? Because lunch time is almost coming .” The class nodded . MinecraftChick smiled “Good , you can make it tomorrow . Because it will take a lot of time to make just one poster . Grab your lunch and go to the field .”

The class goes to the benches and counters for lunch . There’s 8 benches , one bench is one class . After all classes sits on their benches , they start to open their lunch . Deadlox brings some crackers , Jason brings fruits that look likes stars , The Mudkip brings rice and some bacon , Jerome brings some beef chunks , Mitch bring some bread , Ant brings Butter Apples , then Jordan bring a slime mochi , Chim bring some blue berries , and Cupquake brings cake , as she promised to give some to her classmates . Everyone eat happily except for Jordan . “Jordan , what’s with the sad face?” Jason asks Jordan . Jordan answers “It’s just…my pet slime died yesterday .” The whole class turns into silent . “There , there  Jordan . Maybe I can go to your house at Friday later .” Mitch pat Jordan’s back . Sky stands up “Me too !” and then everyone else agrees . Jordan smiling “Thanks guys .”

As the buses stops near the school , everyone say their goodbyes . And Class C ready for the next day of  arts and crafts work .
A new series that's a little bit different . I making a series about Minecraft Elementary Times , where all youtubers (Almost all) since they're Elementary Students .
Next :…
DeamonzandTurtlez Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:Big eyes: To Adorable to imagine  them as kids!Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated: Spaz attack :updated:        
GigilovesMC Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Student Artist
I think I died from the cuteness of this ^_^
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